Monday, September 15, 2008

We've finally started!

I'm so energized I feel like I'm vibrating (or maybe that's the coffee, LOL)! We flew through a math lesson this morning, then read Born with a Bang and discussed how all matter in the universe has always existed and will continue to exist. I used the analogy of a tree using water, nutrients, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to grow and create fruit, which falls to the ground, rots into the soil to nourish it and feed the growing seed, and how nothing is actually lost, it just changes form and is used in different ways. She listened thoughtfully and then said, "So, it's like recycling?" I wanted to hug her! I love watching the light bulb go on, and she was very proud of herself.

We have Handwriting Without Tears to do this afternoon, and we can call it a full day. Woohoo!


Tonia said...

Just wanted to tell you your blog looks lovely!

Kate in NJ said...

Very cool!!