Friday, September 12, 2008

Ooooh, right. Now I remember...

...why we only get her hair cut once every three years.

The haircut is done. After I hacked and chopped on Wednesday, Bella agreed to go to a local kids' salon to have it finished on Thursday. Everything went well...until we got to the salon. Suffice it to say that Bella was NOT amenable to getting in the chair, but I couldn't leave her hair like that, so some decisions were made, some (ok, many) hysterical tears were shed, some hair was cut, and we departed. By an hour after the visit, she was in the back of the car (on the way to grandma's) with a mirror, ooohing and aaahing over her bouncy new hairstyle. She looks fabulous, and she loves her hair, but it was traumatic for all involved. Thank goodness it's short enough to let it grow in for maybe until she's 12?


Anonymous said...

Whew! Very nice! Glad to hear that it's over (for you)!!!

~Monica @ WTM

Kate in NJ said...

Looks Great!! So very grown up!