Saturday, October 8, 2011

Behind already?!

Argh!!! I need one of the "banging head on wall" emoticons. We are already behind, and it's only (for us) Day 6 of the dratted school year. Day 1 was a beautiful day. On Day 2, J got sick--AGAIN! B was acting sick too, and melted down when I tried to do school work with her, so I scrapped the day figuring we were all going to get hit. Turns out B was not sick; she was just not prepared to do schoolwork when "Avatar: The Last Airbender" was on the TV upstairs. So on Day 3, we had a little talk about it, and school went on as planned. Even J, who had just a 24-hour bug, asked to do her schoolwork again. Lots of work (but still not all of it--that's a whole other blog post) got done over the next few days. We even did some catch-up work on Thursday, which is supposed to be an off day. However...on Friday, B woke up miserable and mopey, and I thought it was just because we had co-op that day. She ended up at Mimi and Bubba's house for the day, and by 5:00, it was apparent that the 24-hour bug had finally reached her. Poor kid still had a temp of 101.4, even with 300 milligrams of ibuprofen in her!

So here we are on Day 6, with a full slate of work to do, and I have a sick kid who's doubly miserable because two of her favorite cousins are in town visiting, and she's too sick to go over and play :-( I'm miserable because we're falling behind again. J, our little thumb-sucking, germ-harboring patient zero, is happy though, because she has dance today AND she's well enough to go visiting with my mom.

Vitamins and hand sanitizer for all *sigh*